Britta Linnemann – artist by passion

Welcome to my website. I am an artist from Hamburg. Following numerous periods abroad, including in Latin America, I have lived in Hamburg with my four children since 1997. I aim to creatively pin my thoughts and feelings down on canvas, paper or fabric. My unique approach to art manifests itself in my “feeling pictures” – my trademark. These pictures can be touched and felt, allowing oneself to be inspired by color and material in a special way, and relate to attitudes towards life.

Rich in color and full of vitality

Discover my work and click through the galleries. There is even more to discover on my website!

There is even more to discover on my website!

Alongside my works of art, here I also feature art to wear or give away. As an “ARTY” or as a wine label. On top of this, I jot down my thoughts in my blog. Or, learn more about me, my motivation, and the way I live art. If you are interested in a work of art, simply write me a message. I will respond as quickly as possible.

About me

I have been painting and drawing since I could think. I also always wanted to be a painter, but not to live and die like the painters that I knew back then…

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Are you interested in my art? Or would you like to visit me in my studio? Then write to me! I look forward to your message.

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Blog only in german

Our blog is written in German only. As we do speak german, english and spanish, we decided to write in in German only. Sorry for that inconvenience.

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Do you like my work?

Then visit me in my studio, or send me an email. I look forward to your message!